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Scott Keyes is the founder of Scott’s Cheap Flights, a web service that alerts you when there is a ridiculously great travel deal.  Scott is the flight searcher-in-chief, spending 8-12 hours a day on Google Flights and he oversees daily operations at Scott’s Cheap Flights.  He has traveled to 45 countries (and 45 states!) and has lived in Mexico (Oaxaca), Mozambique (Maputo), Chile (Santiago), and the United States (all over).  Scott joins Glenn and Vinh to discuss his favorite vacation destinations and his love for Mauritian cuisine.
Notes of Interest:
  • Scott’s Cheap Flights sends you alerts when there is a great deal.  There are three membership plans and they are $5 or less per month.
  • Scott’s Cheap Flights was created when Scott created a “cheap tickets” newsletter for his friends.
  • His newsletter and website exploded overnight and is now one of the most popular travel deal sites on the web
  • Growth of Scott’s Cheap Flights has been driven by word-of-mouth, press coverage, flight giveaways, and Reddit.
  • Many of the deals Keyes offers are a result of what he calls “fat-finger discounts (airline employee priced it at $59 instead of $590)”
  • Some of his most brag-worthy finds include round-trip tickets to Kenya for $310, Rio for $363, and Bali for $348.

Links from the show:

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Online Dental Consulting – https://onlinedentalconsulting.com/


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