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Sean Ryan and Dr. Carlos Ramos discuss how using air-free handpieces along with other safety measures can reduce your aerosol exposure.

Sean Ryan and Dr. Carlos Ramos of Medidenta and Prophy Magic

Dr. Carlos Ramos is originally from Brazil and is an endodontist. He has several patents on Apex generators and spent years training and perfecting endodontics. He now works full time for Medidenta to help grow their endo products and training.

Several years ago, they created an air-free handpiece. Originally it was used for ortho to increase bonding. The power is the same and can use water, but doesn’t need air. The water already cools the bur, so it creates less splatter and aerosols.

Dr. Ramos started analyzing the why and how effective it is at lowering aerosols. Spray is water in the air, once it touches saliva or other particles it becomes aerosol. In his test, it reduced aerosol creation by 50%. It doesn’t completely prevent it, but it does lower risks, especially when combined with other methods.

He stresses that when using a rubber dam it needs to extend over the nose. He recommends we use rubber dams for restoratives going forward to lower risk as well. This isn’t just about COVID-19, this is about lowering all of your exposure to anything. The information from dentists in Wuhan shows that most of the issues are irreversible pulpitis that were treated during their quarantine. We need to wait to prep the crown. If a patient has a crown with pain, don’t take it off, but cut a sizeable hole so you have light access. Crowns do not have enough light transparency to see well. Make sure to rinse the canals effectively. You can leave it for 24 hours if necessary or do a temporary crown.

The air-free have 18 watts of power, rear vents out of the bottom, and does not lose any pressure or power. You do need the Kavo quick connect system.

The first deal is for the air free handpiece 4- hole retails for $499, but the Nifty Special is $350

The Titan buy 2 for $800 and get a free couple to put on your system. That’s almost $600 savings!

Nifty deal on Face Shields: Their visors can accommodate loupes and they have a film that protects your eyes from a curing light, but the film can be easily removed.

They also have Level 2 masks with a discount as well as infrared no contact thermometers. They have also created a safety kit for doctors and patients that include covers and sanitation items.

Every $500 purchase will come with a box of Level 2 masks free.

Instead of 200 angles, you get 300 angles, a box of masks and you still get a free gift

Every $1000 includes 2 boxes of masks and 2 bonuses.

Now is a great time to save whatever money you can, and they want to help you.

Keep in mind that the supply chain is very weak due to the current situation. Many products have to be air freighted. The cost goes up, but when the price goes down for him, he promises their prices will reflect that to his customers.