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Shannon Blake is a Sr. Partner Manager who manages the relationship and strategy between healthcare partners and Podium. She finds so much fulfillment in working closely with their partners in helping drive awareness to their members in how Podium’s tools can be a game-changer for their business.



  • Currently helping over 90,000 businesses boost their reputation and attract patients with SMS advertising, Podium is coming out with additional features and pushing the envelope… Here are a few:
    • Webchat: a lead generator tool that gives anyone who is visiting your website the opportunity to have a two-way conversation with your dental practice.
    • Revenue Generating Partner: Podium payments provide a patient with a link, via text, to offer a convenient way for them to pay for their treatment. And it’s all in one hub, speeding up an otherwise tedious and off-putting process of going through third-party services or portals.
    • Cost-efficient: Social media campaigns can cost you dollars per click. Podium is only 10 cents per send with FLAT rates at 1.99% and 15 cents per transaction.
  • Note: it’s illegal to send out promotional texts without an opt-in. But, that said, Podium has at least eight different touchpoints to collect consent from customers and get their permission to be sent promotional texts.




  • $400 Amazon Gift Card if you sign up by the end of June
  • If you’re currently a client, you’ll get a $200 Amazon Gift Card if you add campaigns.
  • Text Shannon at 801-979-8096 or email her at [email protected] if you’re interested.