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Brenda’s objectives are to help dental practices reach their peak potential. She enjoys creating systems and developing teams that create a fantastic environment for their patients. She has over 25 years of experience in dental offices. She enjoys a challenge and building relationships. – “Dentistry is my passion and I don’t go to work – I go to FUN!”

Dr. Brett Wells runs a successful group dental practice in Raleigh, NC. He has leveraged his entrepreneurial passion to develop hardware- and software-focused systems that create a better patient experience and optimized office operation, achieving >2.5x practice revenue growth over the past three years.


  • This week, Dr. Glenn Vo sat down with Brenda Mcnulty and Dr. Brett Wells.
  • You all might know Brenda, Dental Group Director at Support DDS, but do you know Brett? He’s the founder of Dental HQ (and also a practicing dentist).
  • If you don’t know who Support DDS is, they’re one of the leaders in providing remote team members to dental practices.
    • Brenda herself has over 30 years of experience in dentistry. She joined Support DDS after working as a dental consultant.
    • Brenda realized early on in her career that many dentists weren’t happy when they tried to delegate dental roles to employees from outsourcing agencies. After referring dentists to Support DDS time and time again, they offered her a job.
  • Brett launched his first practice in 2008 and had trouble finding patients at first. Gradually—after lots of blood, sweat, and tears—he turned a scratch startup into a booming business.
  • From there, Brett found his groove. First, he opened another dental practice. Then it was another, then another, and another. Now, Brett is a thriving entrepreneur and group practice owner.
  • Currently, Brett’s passion lies in smoothening operations and running businesses. In fact, that’s what Dental HQ is all about! They offer a revolutionary in-house dental membership plan software platform that empowers dentists to attract and retain fee-for-service patients.
  • Brett fell in love with Support DDS after he started running into some administrative problems. They offered the key to building the infrastructure he was looking for.
  • However, Brett didn’t turn to Support DDS right off the bat. If he had, he would have saved himself a whole lot of trouble. Brett learned the hard way how important it is to reduce turnover and keep your team engaged. Luckily, with Support DDS, it’s easier than ever
  • Support DDS offered a secure way to gain a team member who would stick through thick and thin and offer an affordable alternative to high-level administrative positions.
  • Learn about:
    • How are the team members from Support DDS making the lives of Brett and everyone working in his practices much easier?
    • Brett’s team gets sold to all the time, and they’re often left unimpressed. Naturally, when Brenda came to their practice, their expectations were low. How did the team members not only impress Brett’s team but blow them away?
    • How much does Brett trust the team members he hired? Hint: enough to start tasking them with more responsibilities.
    • Which tasks are slowing you down that could be outsourced to a virtual team member?
    • Which tasks can you delegate to one of Support DDSs virtual team members? Hint: they’re versatile!
    • What’s the RISE program? How does it find the gaps in a dental practice? And how does it discern how to plug holes in your bucket?
    • How did Brenda “kick it up a notch” for Dr. Wells when it came to applying the RISE program to his practices?
    • Why does Brett like Support DDS more than most of the other outsourcing companies? Hint: it has something to do with being able to customize the training process and tailor team members for the needs of his practices.
      • On that note, how does Brenda make the onboarding process easier?
    • How much does Support DDS cost? FYI: it’s a flat fee.
    • What is Dental HQ all about? How can they work in tandem with Support DDS to set your practice up for success?
    • What’s the problem with a membership plan? How can it overwhelm your team?
    • How does Dental HQ ensure all of the perks of a membership plan while ensuring the ball never gets dropped?
    • How are Dental HQ and Support DDS collaborating to bridge gaps for dental offices? How can they work in tandem to boost your marketing efforts?
    • And more!
  • Everyone is going through staffing problems right now, and many practices are spread so thin that many team members are running out of steam daily. If that sounds familiar to you, Support DDS might provide you with a solution—and Brett can attest to that wholeheartedly.



  • $250 off of the first month.