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Swell provides marketing assistance through improving the number and quality of your patient reviews.

Drew Sparks from Swell, a review and marketing platform. Dr. Vo has seen a huge increase in reviews in his own practice in the 7 months since starting with Swell. Their reviews are focused on Facebook and Google sites, and they are expanding features to interact with patients.
The web chat feature is a simple plugin with your website. The plugin captures the potential patient’s name and phone number so that we can connect with them offline at a more convenient time for the office. The texting takes place through your Swell account. You receive a notification of a new chat and can send a preformed reply to begin interacting via text.
They have expanded the texting options to remind patients of a variety of things in your office.
A simple one question review will set a request chain with frequency options for requesting a review.
Get the entire suite of services including patient reviews, net promoter score survey, and their innovative Web Chat feature for only $199/month! It’s normally $199 for the service plus $99 for the web chat feature but for Nifty Thrifty members, $49/mo! Now that is a SWELL deal!

• No contract
• No setup fee
• $199/mo for the full line up of services
• Increase your online presence
• Market your practice and get new patients

Visit Swell for more information about their service and how it can help increase your online presence and get you more patient reviews!