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Welcome to the first-ever Dental Launchpad, an exclusive three-month course to help you build a more profitable dental practice! Your teachers, Dr. Joe Maio, Dr. Chris Hoffpauir, and Dr. Glenn Vo, are collaborating on a brand new online course using what they have learned from their experiences, and mistakes, to teach you implementable ways to immediately improve your practice!


  • This week, Nifty Thrifty Dentists is proud to present the first-ever Dental Launchpad!
  • The Dental Launchpad is an exclusive three-month course to help you build a more profitable dental practice.
  • Joe Maio, Dr. Chris Hoffpauir, and Dr. Glenn Vo are collaborating to teach others what they have learned from their experiences and mistakes. They want to spread the word about implementable ways to immediately improve any dental practice.
  • Joe, Chris, and Glenn are all experienced practice owners. They’re also a diverse group—Glenn runs a PPO-heavy practice and Chris has an FFS practice while Joe recently sold off a big mixture of practices.
  • After getting frustrated with all of the bad advice out there, the three of them are joining together to make things easier for other practice owners. They’re confident the Dental Launchpad is the key to propelling any dental practice to new heights.
  • This is only $5,000 for a three-month program—that’s the cost of a weekend seminar, and even less with our Nifty deal.
  • There’s a community of people and a Facebook group, so you can be sure to ask questions and network through the group as well.
  • Each Dental Launchpad is limited to only 20 dentists. The limit is there so Glenn, Chris, and Joe can ensure they’re giving the proper support to everyone without spreading themselves too thin.
  • Each month will contain a mix of educational video courses and live Mastermind sessions where you can brainstorm and interact directly with your peers and teachers.
  • Learn about:
    • What’s the story behind Glenn, Chris, and Joe? How did they all end up working together? What were they doing before joining forces for dental consulting?
    • Glenn, Joe, and Chris are all given one month to teach their content—what will they each teach during their respective month?
    • What will you learn during the three months?
      • How to manage your overhead and save money on your major expenses,
      • How to improve your communication skills and increase your case acceptance,
      • How to increase your monthly new patients and what numbers you need to be tracking in your business.
      • And more!

If you don’t like this program within the first month, you can get your money back—100% guarantee.

Check out : https://thedocsedge.com/product/dental-launchpad-monthly/