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Dr. Glenn recently spoke with a fellow Vo, Dr. Chris Vo, known as the “crypto dentist.” Although the two aren’t actually related, Glenn jokes that there are so few “Vo’s” in the area they might as well be cousins. Chris is one of the founders of “The Crypto Dentist,” a two-man team run in tandem with his pal, Mitch.



  • Dr. Glenn recently spoke with a fellow Vo, Dr. Chris Vo, known as the “crypto dentist.” Although the two aren’t actually related, Glenn jokes that there are so few “Vo’s” in the area they might as well be cousins.
  • Chris is one of the founders of “The Crypto Dentist,” a two-man team run in tandem with his pal, Mitch. At the Crypto Dentist, the two aim to educate dentists on how to invest in crypto as wisely as possible to reap more from their hard-earned savings. 
  • Although Glenn believes Chris has valuable knowledge to offer, he understands why some people may assume crypto is a “scam.” Many of those who’ve invested have endured a “beatdown” to the worth of their investments—including Glenn and Chris himself. 
  • However, Glenn notes that so many people continue to invest in stocks despite their volatility, yet they don’t write the stock market off as “BS.” He knows it’s important to remember “these things are cyclical in nature.” 
  • At the Crypto Dentist, Chris aims not only to fill in gaps where knowledge is lacking, but to combat the rampant misinformation circling the internet. There are many sources and people to avoid sharing ill-founded advice and even spreading scams. Chris values credibility first and foremost—“I’m a dentist, I have a reputation, and I’m trying to lead my colleagues.” 
  • Although many people may be interested but afraid to invest in crypto, Chris says now may be the best time to follow through. He illustrates the example of a mall in which everything is 80% off—would you go home and come back when everything’s at retail price? “The time to buy is when everything’s on sale,” Chris says, “Which is right now.” 
  • Although Chris has devoted himself to dentistry, he says that he’s “always been a techie.” He grew up fascinated by technology; it comes as little surprise to learn that Chris began mining Bitcoin in 2017. 
  • Glenn recalls the “dot-com crash” and he notes that although the crash occurred, “that doesn’t mean dot-coms weren’t worth anything.” In fact, “what it showed was that the cream rises to the top.” That is, the strongest competitors made it through the fallout. 
  • Chris says that, as a dentist, he often sees his colleagues struggling to figure out how to invest the money they’ve saved. The Crypto Dentist’s mission is to provide “basic educational courses” for those who are just starting to test the waters. He believes crypto is an effective way for busy dentists to build up a passive income. 
  • That’s not to say investing comes without its risks. Chris believes the best way to help offset risk involves investing in one of the “blue chips” of the crypto world—Bitcoin and Ethereum. 
  • Like all cryptocurrencies (and stocks for that matter), Bitcoin “goes up, then goes down.” However, “on a long trajectory, it’s going up.” That’s why Chris thinks Bitcoin is the first asset dentists should invest in. 
  • Still, investing is not so cut and dry. Chris emphasizes that before anyone buys, they should know exactly what they’re getting into. This knowledge will prepare an investor to keep their head in the game—“I’ll tell you what’s not a winning strategy: buy high and sell low without conviction, that’s what happens a lot,” Chris says.  
  • Some people buy into the misconception that crypto won’t be here in the long run. But Glenn and Chris both agree that it’s here to stay. 
  • Those who find themselves on the fence because of such fears may just need a push to feel confident about investing. After all, there are many available resources to learn the ins and outs of the stock market, but there seems to be much less out there on crypto. This is where Chris steps in. 
  • Education is the primary goal behind the Crypto Dentist. Neither Chris nor Mitch manage people’s funds—they strive to help people come to the decision to invest or not. 
  • Your security and ability to succeed are top priority. That’s why Chris is upfront with his clients about hard lessons he’s learned from his own investment journey. For example, both Glenn and Chris were impacted by the recent decline of the Celsius Network, a sort of “crypto bank.”
  • “These are platforms I have recommended in the past,” Chris says, “I don’t recommend them right now.” Whether this platform and other similar ones will make a comeback is yet to be determined. As Chris believes, “Crypto has to be thought of as an experiment.” 
  • This isn’t a criticism of crypto’s potential, however. Chris points out that crypto is an experiment in “the same way the internet was an experiment… 15-20 years ago, we didn’t know what was going to work.” In the end, the strongest networks stay afloat. 
  • Given the inherent risks involved in investing, Glenn thinks it important to utilize “a very conservative strategy… People should always remember, if you’re not ready to handle that loss, you shouldn’t be investing.” 
  • When you turn to Crypto Dentist to learn more, you’ll become better-versed in risk management. Chris emphasizes that “a balanced portfolio has high-risk portions of it and low-risk portions of it”—it’s all about finding that spot that’s best for you. 
  • The Crypto Dentist recently offered a course on all the basics for those making their first steps into the world of crypto. Keep an eye out for upcoming events (and possible upcoming discounts). Of course, you can always contact Chris by finding him in the Nifty Thrifty group or visit his website cryptodentist.net to learn even more! 
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