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Dr. Alan Stern is working to share his knowledge of dentistry with others. He was rejected from medical school in his early life, despite having a great resumé. He finally realized the true importance of his work and was able to get through school. He now wants to spread his message to other dentists.


A lot of people don’t understand the value of dentistry is in what they do with their patients

Dentists often lose the fact that they change lives in a way no other professional does

Understanding failure can shape and better you for your planned future is important to your mindset.

Don’t think of yourself as inferior to others because you have flaws, know who you are, and don’t try to mimic others

Put your attention on what really matters to you, practice the things you wish to practice, and base your goals around it

Be who you are and know the lifestyle others have may not be the one you want

Your practice is all about your patients and staff, the more you prioritize them and make them happier, the more your practice will thrive

Make sure that everyone is on the same page, if your team isn’t coordinating, you could cause harm to the mentality of your staff or patients

Make sure that everyone is working with you and not just for you

Listen actively to your team, and use empathy with them

Hire for the potential in people, their personality, and hire for people you and the rest of your team can work with

Money doesn’t mean anything if you aren’t happy

Accept people for who they are and show them that you appreciate them


Website: https://betterricherstronger.com/


Phone Number:  (732) 493-8030

Email: BetterRicherStronger@gmail.com