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Dr. Don Ton, Founder and CEO of Lumadent, Don’s journey to entrepreneurship was one marked by determination and resilience. A Vietnamese immigrant who dropped out of high school in Vietnam to pursue education in the United States, he embarked on a path that led him from community college to UCLA for engineering and eventually to dental school at USC.

After graduating from dental school and hitting the real world, Don’s entrepreneurial spirit started to shine (I’m just on a roll with these puns!) when his wife—also a dentist—expressed a need for better lighting in her dental office. Together, they attended a dental conference to browse the market, only to be met with exorbitant prices for lighting solutions. This experience catalyzed Lumadent’s inception—a company dedicated to providing affordable, high-quality lighting solutions for dental professionals.

Dr. Glenn Vo sits down with Dr. Don Ton, founder of Lumadent, to discuss the origin story behind Lumadent and his own entrepreneurial story.

We’ll discuss topics ranging from the immigrant mentality and his advice to budding entrepreneurs. Inspired by his struggles to adequately maintain his own primitive headlight system from one of our competitors, Dr. Don Ton, DDS founded LumaDent in 2009 in the back of his office.


Lumadent manufactures and sells custom-made Loupes and LED Headlight Packages for dental professionals at all levels.


The Lumadent Loupes and Lights have won multiple awards and have been designated Best in Class by independent review boards.


To learn more about Lumadent, visit their site right here

https://www.lumadent.com/ .

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