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Kevin Tallman, CEO of Mango Voice. It’s not often that Glenn gets to speak with a company’s CEO on Facebook live, so he considers their meeting to be Mango’s State of the Union Address.



  • This week, Dr. Glenn Vo sat down with Kevin Tallman, CEO of Mango Voice. It’s not often that Glenn gets to speak with a company’s CEO on Facebook live, so he considers their meeting to be Mango’s State of the Union Address. 
  • Mango Voice is a cloud-based phone system like no other. 
  • Glenn has been following Mango’s journey since before Kevin became part of the team. Since then, the company has evolved by integrating with many other technologies dentists depend on. 
  • Glenn knows how important it is to find a company armed with knowledge on dentists’ needs. Mango goes above and beyond by continually seeking customer feedback and using it to design new features. 
  • The company’s willingness to adapt sets Mango a cut above the rest. They’re known for being super engaged and available in online spaces. If you reach out and message the folks at Mango, you’re sure to get a helpful reply. 
  • As of now, Mango Voice is working on making their system more scalable and more reliable than ever. The company was once divided into four “clusters,” or self-contained phone systems across the US. Now, Mango is made up of six. 
  • Essentially, this brings the technology closer to the end user, which gives you a much smoother experience. If there’s a big uptick in customers, the system can automatically increase capacity and add another cluster within hours. 
  • It’s improvements like this that make Mango far more reliable than other companies. Glenn has noticed himself that the competition experiences far more outages, which interrupt your ability to connect with patients. 
  • Of course, even Mango can’t be perfect. But, when things go wrong, you can always count on the team. As Glenn says, “there’s no other company out there that’s as responsive to its users—especially on social media.” This includes direct support from Kevin himself. 
  • Mango has also been making significant improvements to their mobile app. For one, Kevin says Mango will soon be able to bring patient info into the app. 
  • Mango’s SMS tool is a lifesaver in today’s day and age. You may be out of the office, but you can still connect with patients from home thanks to Mango’s app or softphone (Glenn is a big fan of this one).
  • Although Mango makes you more available to patients, the software also has your back when you can’t get to the phone. Thanks to suggestions from dentists, Mango has implemented an auto reply SMS feature. You can set an automatic message including anything you like, such as a link to book appointments online. 
  • To top it off, Mango can transcribe your voicemails for you. Now when you miss a call, you can discern what your patients or others need in a fraction of the time. 
  • With Mango, you can easily customize your call flow based on whether your business is open or closed, or if it’s a holiday. If you run into a personal emergency, you can close your office at the click of a button.
  • Practice owners who’ve just started their journey can use Mango Voice for free until they open their office. This isn’t a “watered down Mango” either—you get all the features. Start-ups can also take advantage of custom pricing for their first couple years as users. 
  • Nifty Thrifty members get all brand new phones when they sign up annually. You’ll also get three months of service for free. 
  • Don’t let this deal pass you by! Once you team up with Mango, you’ll never look back. 


Learn About:


  • What was Glenn’s first interaction with Mango Voice like?
    • Hint: someone threw a mango at him, and the rest is history! 
  • How can you provide Mango with feedback in their Facebook user group? 
  • How long have Mango’s recent developments been in the making? 
  • How else does Mango plan to improve their mobile app? 
  • How can Mango help notify you if your team misses a call? 
  • How many new features has Glenn discovered after being a Mango user for years?
  • What does Mango’s version of caller ID look like? 
  • How does Mango’s call center dashboard help you become even more efficient?
  • Why does Kevin consider Mango’s phones to be the “Tesla” of phones? 
  • How many clients does Mango Voice serve?
    • Hint: over 4,000 happy customers! 


Nifty Deal:

Annual Pmts 2 free months – we are going to add on another free month on the FB Live

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