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Dr. Sonia Chopra is a Board-Certified Endodontist. She began a startup practice in 2008 in Charlotte, North Carolina. With the first online education program on endodontics; E-school: Everyday Endo Made Easy, Dr. Chopra aims to teach general practitioners how to fast-track their endo success.


The goal of the course is to teach dentists how to practice endodontics with more knowledge and precision than ever

E-school is taught in six modules

Courses are not system-specific 

Everything that Dr. Chopra uses in her practice is taught in the course and is available to those who enroll

There are live coaching calls for dentists to discuss their cases and ask specific questions

After taking the online courses, E-school Live is an option for a hands-on learning experience

E-school Live is practice on people who may not be able to afford such procedures as a way of giving back 


Nifty Deal

Regular Price E-school: 2,297

Regular Price E-school Live: 6,997

Nifty Price: Take $300 OFF

Go to her website and subscribe for 300 dollars off the course



E-school link:




Instagram: @soniachopradds

Facebook: @soniachopradds or https://www.facebook.com/soniachopradds/