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Professional with 20+ years of experience making significant impact through strategic partnering and excellent customer service. Aligning to business goals, resulting in value-added HR partnership. A successful executive leader with a consistent track record of results in developing and deploying high-impact business processes, corporate learning, development strategies, engagement, and performance management. A true Human Resources Professional experienced in retail, hospitality, financial services, and dental service organizations.



  • Like any business, running a dental practice requires a lot of discipline. Communication between every employee is crucial, no matter where they place on the org chart.
  • Being part of a dental team can be an emotional career; we’re in a fast-paced profession with a lot of pressure involved. This creates tension which can lead to feuds between employees, or worse.
  • Any conflict between team members will get in the way of practice goals. If a practice is to achieve its vision, the team must consist of productive members who work effectively together.
  • Creating chemistry between your team members requires good HR. That means making sure team members feel seen and heard, giving your employees constructive feedback, and creating an environment where they feel free to voice their feelings.
  • Poor HR can be costly. Between high turnover, lack of productivity, and more, you’ll pay the price.
  • That’s why everybody should have Chad Caldwell, Executive Director of Human Resources for MB2, in their corner. But these days, he’s busy taking care of HR issues alongside MB2’s 4,400 employees for over 300 practices.
  • According to Chad, most HR issues in dental practices can be attributed to a lack of communication. Dental professionals get stressed out jumping from task to task; constantly weaving between patients and colleagues. Without the right relationships, animosity can easily breed and bring down the practice as a whole.
  • While Chad has been in the HR realm for ages now—with enough experience to write a book—he’s only been working in dentistry for five years. But coming into his first stint in dentistry actually provided an advantage for Chad, as he was able to pick up on some “unique” qualities in dentists.
  • These qualities would consistently result in the same repeated mistakes. Chad learned which tendencies to eliminate in order to be successful and helped MB2 pivot its services to provide specific solutions for dental professionals. Learn about:
    • What are the top HR mistakes dentists make?
    • What’s the best way to navigate letting an employee go?
    • When do you know you need to fire a team member?
    • The importance of documenting, and what MB2 can do to make the documentation process more productive and less tedious.
    • How to turn your employees into A-Players.
    • How to conduct “sit-downs” with your team members.
    • How to resolve feuds between your team members.
    • Why is it important to provide feedback in real-time rather than down the line?
    • And more!