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Dr. Brett Wells runs a successful group dental practice in Raleigh, NC. He has leveraged his entrepreneurial passion to develop hardware- and software- focused systems that create a better patient experience and optimized office operation, achieving >2.5x practice revenue growth over the past three years.

That entrepreneurial and problem-solving spirit also led Dr. Wells to create DentalHQ, the leading dental membership plan platform. Born out of his own frustration as a dentist dealing with dental insurance, DentalHQ gives dentists the power to connect directly with patients through in-house membership plans, resulting in more loyal patients, happier teams, and more profitable practices.



  • This week, Dr. Glenn Vo was excited to have another chat with Dr. Brett Wells.
  • If you don’t already know Brett, he’s the Founder and CEO of Dental HQ as well as one of the most amazing, giving entrepreneurial minds out there.
  • Glenn was sure to have Brett tell his story to the Nifty Thrifty community as well as the origin story of Dental HQ.
  • First things first, Brett’s a fellow dentist by trade and a family man at heart but an entrepreneur by passion.
  • After opening his first dental practice in Raleigh, NC, back in 2008, Brett has been off to the races for some time now. Currently, he’s running three group dental practices.
  • Brett’s specialty lies in developing hardware/software-focused systems that create a better patient experience and optimized office operation.
    • And, thanks to his brains, Brett has effectively achieved >2.5x practice revenue growth over the past three years!
  • That’s why Dental HQ was born. As a dentist dealing with dental insurance, Brett founded Dental HQ to give dentists the power to connect directly with patients through in-house membership plans.
    • The result? More loyal patients, happier teams, and highly profitable practices.
  • And that’s one thing Glenn loves about Brett: he could have kept this great product for himself, but he’s a giving man! In fact, Brett has been sharing his product with about 1,000 other dental practices!
  • Dental HQ has been evolving every day, but now things are picking up more than ever. Brett is promising a very special product that’ll be coming out at the beginning of next year.
  • Learn about:
    • Why should you not be on the fence about a dental membership plan? What are the myths, the perks, and so on?
      • Brett wants to tell you about three very specific reasons…
    • How can Dental HQ make insurance-related matters less of a headache?
      • Hint: It’s a no-brainer—whether you’re FFS or not… And it has something to do with making more money.
    • What kind of plans does Dental HQ offer? And how is the pricing up to you?
    • How does Dental HQ tweak its products and services based on the advice of its clients?
    • How does Dental HQ make everything easier for dentists, team members, and patients alike?
    • How is Dental HQ especially helpful and awesome for Spanish speakers?
    • What sort of technologies is Brett innovating right now? And what can they do for your dental practice?
    • How can Dental HQ serve you and your practice on a B2B level?
    • How is Dental HQ the “first true” competition for dental insurance?
    • What’s community connect, and how does it function as a customizable coupon-code-system that allows you to take your membership plan outside of your office?
    • How does Dental HQ save you time and prevent things from falling through the cracks via automation? Why will your team appreciate their services?
    • And more!
  • Don’t forget to watch for a sneak peek of Dental HQ and a quick walkthrough of how everything works. In other words, get an inside scoop of what’s under the hood!
    • And definitely don’t forget about the Nifty deal!



    • Free 90-day trial.
    • Special per-member management fee pricing: $2.50 (first 100 members) / $1.75 (members 101-200) / $1 (members 201+)
      • This represents ~20% off on our regular management fees.
    • Visit https://dentalhq.com/ to get the deal