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Pharmacist and owner of Cooks Pharmacy and Best Dental Kit



  • This week, Glenn was happy to have the founder and owner of Best Dental Kit, Frank Lombardo, on for another episode of the Nifty Thrifty Dentists podcast. Frank’s right hand man, Leron, joined him to talk all about their recent offers.
  • Best Dental Kit is one of the premiere sponsors of the Nifty Thrifty community, offering peace of mind in emergency situations. Frank and his team offer fully-comprehensive emergency dental kits at an affordable price—and their kits are super easy to use.
  • For this week’s episode, we’re going to tell the story of Frank’s business: What compelled Frank and Leron to work with crazy dentists like us?
    • Seven or eight years ago, a local dentist came to Frank. He was already one of his customers, and he was in possession of an expired dental kit. 
    • This expired dental kit came from a competitor of this local dentist who, at the time, was one of the “big guys” for selling products to dental offices. 
    • As this dentist showed the kit to Frank, he started listing off the problems with it. “This stuff is out of date, it’s too complicated, it’s too expensive.” 
    • The long and short of it—this dentist wanted a better setup in his  office. He gave Frank the recommendations of the American Dental Association (ADA), and asked Frank to put something together for him. Frank then threw some jazz together and had the dentist come back down to check it out. 
    • While it “looks nothing like what we have now” and they’ve “come a long way,” the dentist said something to Frank that stuck with him: “You really need to market this to other dentists. A problem in our industry is that there’s only one or two options for an emergency dental kit. They’re expensive, they automatically send you stuff you don’t want, they bill you, and we’re a very frustrated group.” 
    • Before that dentist spoke up, Frank never realized this predicament existed. Thus, Frank started to study this situation and became very serious about understanding this market. As he dove into competitor research, he began to comprehend the proper definition of what a kit should be. 
    • Once Frank composed the ideal kit, he started putting together a sales letter. He bought a mailing list for his state—Pennsylvania—before sending stuff out. 
    • Slowly but surely, Frank’s team started getting responses. 2014 was their first year of business as Best Dental Kit, and they only did about $5,000 worth of business. Frank saw that there was some potential, so he started buying mailing lists from other states as well as licenses to sell in those states. 
    • Now—just seven or eight years later—the Best Dental Kit is a $1,500,000 company. However, since day one, their MO has been the same: simple, affordable, and great service.
  • Most customers decide to order an emergency dental kit from the Best Dental Kit’s website, but that approach means digesting a good deal of information. That’s why Frank and his team are always willing to hop on a phone call to guide you through the process with more ease.
  • Learn about:
    • After starting off with local doctors, how has the client list of the Best Dental Kit grown to a global scale?
      • Hint: they’re serving all 50 states!
    • How has Frank’s relationship continued with that original dentist who advised him to break into this business?
      • Hint: he’s playing golf and doing some fishing in Florida!
    • When it comes to football, do Frank and Leron root for the Eagles or the Steelers?
      • Hint: it could be worse; they could be Giants fans!
    • What is the “core method” when it comes to ordering from the Best Dental Kit?
      • Hint: go online, but feel free to give Frank and his team a call!
      • Another hint: sometimes, it’s better to call in—depending on your needs.
    • How does the Best Dental Kit avoid supply chain issues?
      • Hint: when problems arise, they start looking!
    • What does the “Deluxe Kit” offer?
      • Hint: if you see children in your office, this might be the play.
    • And more!
  • Make sure to tune in to watch Glenn’s guided walk-through tour of the Best Dental Kit website. During this screen share presentation, Glenn highlights the differences between their kits and discusses what services/products they offer.




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