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PreVu Software offers patients an opportunity to discuss their smile. Joanne Villani shows us how this quick tool can create more cosmetic cases in your office


What is PreVu Software? It is a simple yet powerful graphic editing tool that allows you to create and compare virtual smile makeovers for your patient.

No graphic design experience or other special training is required. This software was made to be simple and easy to use from the beginning to the end! Anyone on your staff can use this software and create a “wow” smile makeover in about 90 seconds!

Most people are emotional buyers and being able to see a dramatic change in THEIR OWN smile right in front of their eyes is an incredible sales tool. PreVu allows you to create a comparative photo within minutes and patients can see the difference right away!

This works with a VIRTUAL consultation also!



-Starts from $99/month for the Consult Pro plan (10 simulations/month) to the Premium Plan at   $199/month (unlimited simulations)

-Pay for the annual plan and get FREE training AND save 20% over paying monthly!

-Want a better deal? Reach out for a Nifty Thrifty deal!



Have more questions for Joanne? Schedule a 30-minute meeting with Joanne: http://bit.ly/prevujoanne

Ready to sign up? Schedule a Nifty Deal Onboarding session: http://bit.ly/niftydealonboarding



PreVu Software Customer Service:  855-773-8848

Email:  [email protected]