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Xana Winans is the owner of Golden Proportions Marketing. She gives us marketing and practice management tips to help offices weather the COVID-19 closures.

Xana Winans is the owner of Golden Proportions Marketing. She is both a speaker, business owner, and spouse of a dentist. She says she’s a Boy Scout in hiding and well-prepped for this pandemic. Golden Proportions started 20 years ago to be a company solely for dentists. They cover everything from marketing and branding to call tracking.

If we are open, we need to let patients know we are there. Before the last recession, they were focused much more on cosmetics, but they saw dentists change strategies to reflect the needs. She feels that we will revert back to bread and butter dentistry again.

What is the message we need to be sending right now? How about the rest of the year? Focus on communication and connection. Social Media will be your best connection point for patients to relate and humanize the shared experience. Focus going forward will be on the kinds of safety protocols and assurance that they are being protected.

Show videos with a personal statement from the doctor with behind the scenes use of sterilization. Anything digital will be useful to prevent contamination. Our offices should provide peace of mind with things like online forms and online bill pay.

Having certain days for more at-risk patients can give peace of mind to patients that need to be more concerned. Texting a patient when your appointment is ready so they do not have exposure to other patients will also help your patients feel confident.

What are some business tips you can give to those people who are worried? Think objectively and remember that you still have your skills and abilities to help you rebuild. Maintaining good relationships with your patients will keep your practice strong.

What about using suction to lower particulates? Do whatever you need to.

Air purifiers may be a requirement in each op going forward.

Asking for reviews specifically geared towards how the office made them feel safe. You will have lots of questions or objections in disguise. Talk through these questions with your team and prepare answers ahead of time. In addition, add an infection control page to your website to provide information to patients about your protocols. Add a chat function to your website to answer patient concerns. Use marketing aimed at dental emergencies because chances are that many of the local offices are closed.

Going forward having a high-risk booking block shows insight and a focus on patient care.

Don’t cut off all marketing because you lose brand awareness, ignore SEO, or mark yourself as closed. This is a great time to launch your business forward with good marketing. Your community is looking for those businesses that are helping.

Golden Proportions is offering free consults for saving money and preparing to reopen strong. Go to www.goldenproportions.com to find updates on resources specifically to COVID-19. Nothing will last forever, so use this downtime to improve your systems and processes.