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The Zuub Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer, Dr. Robert Kim, is an experienced startup/growth executive. He was Futuredontics’ Business Line Director and worked for Purlin and Bridg.

Live on the mainstage at SmileCon 2023! Dr. Robert Kim, Chief Business Officer at Zuub, joins me to discuss how Zuub is helping Dental Practices everywhere save time on insurance verification and other aspects of Revenue Cycle Management. We also dive into the origin story of Zuub as well as Dr. Kim’s thoughts on the future of Dental RCM.

Dr. Robert Kim is one of the Co-Founders of Zuub and is an experienced startup/growth executive. He started in Dentistry with Futuredontics as their Business Line Director and has worked with various tech companies such as Purlin and Bridg. Dr. Kim graduated from Drexel University College of Medicine and obtained an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Management.

Zuub is an automated Revenue Cycle Management platform that allows Dental Practices to optimize their revenue cycle! Whether it’s through their automated real-time dental insurance verification software or their automated patient-friendly digital invoicing, Zuub not only enhances practice productivity but also ensures a superior patient experience. And with their ability to connect to your Practice Management System in “Real-Time,” there is no extra work or double entry required from your end.


To learn more about Zuub, visit their site right here:

https://www.zuub.com/ .

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