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Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

As the founder and owner of Nifty Thrifty Dentists, I’m a member of the community with the same interests in mind as you. Both of us have a passion for dentistry and bargain-hunting; we know how important it is to save money so we can change more patients’ lives for the better.

So, to help my fellow finance-minded friends of the Nifty Thrifty community, I thought I’d bring on a finance whizz, Ross Brannon, Ceo of Ross Brannon Financial Advisors.

Life happens, and folks like us are the first to know how important it is to prepare for those financial woes that seem to pop up out of the blue. Unfortunately, now and then, most of us will experience something financially draining (a life-altering disability, fatality, etc.) that we could’ve never seen coming. Worse, too many of us lack a plan strong enough to bounce back from each potential disaster. If that sounds like you, you really need to meet Ross.


Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset

Wealth management is a can of worms for anyone to understand—dental professional or not—and folks can only ever learn the tip of the iceberg on their own. Ross is a relief to many of his clients since practice owners have more numbers to account for than the majority of the workforce. Managing finances on their own creates a recipe for undue stress, sleepless nights, and a newfound migraine problem.

I’ve been there myself, which is why I don’t manage my wealth alone. If you’re like I used to be, you might think the gist of a financial advisor’s job is to manage your money and grow your wealth—and that’s not necessarily wrong. But Ross is a different breed whose niche lies in the healthcare community, and he’s particularly dedicated to dental financing. When I started working with dental financing specialists—like Ross—I realized that managing my wealth as a healthcare worker involved a plethora of nuances many financial advisors may not be familiar with. Ross has an interesting story. After receiving a degree in finance, he initially entered the world of real estate.

Ross slowly accrued rental properties (peaking with 44 rental properties in his portfolio), and naturally progressed into becoming a real estate agent. One day, Ross got a call asking if he was interested in becoming a financial advisor. He had always been financially wired, often providing advice to his friends and family. It was a no-brainer for Ross, and he hasn’t looked back since.

Ross doesn’t believe in “general advice”—this means he customizes each of his client’s plans based on their lifestyle and personalized goals. He’s agnostic to the “strategy and the product” so long as his tailored financial plans meet the specific needs of his clients. But, for Ross, a long-term plan isn’t sustainable no matter your needs or situation; he believes that financial success comes from a series of well-executed short-term plans. Life changes and you need to make constant pivots with your finances—something you can’t do if you set your sights too far upon the horizon line.

That said, Ross isn’t in it for a short-term relationship. He wants to understand each client’s long-term goals and life-long aims—working towards those objectives just requires one step at a time. That’s why he works as a financial coach alongside his clients daily. He meets with them routinely, always fine-tuning their approach to ensure their strategies coincide with whatever is going on in their lives.

Some financial “gurus” get a bad rap, namely those prowling social media channels like sharks and offering far-fetched returns in your DMs. But the real “finance whizzes”—like Ross—can be the ticket to not only protecting your income but multiplying it.

See if you and Ross are a good fit by giving him a free call at 850-566-7999.

Learn about:

  • How does Ross help dental professionals make a plan that’s “bulletproof” from life’s unpredictable (and often unfair) events?
  • What stories does Ross have to tell about clients he’s helped in the past? What life lessons can you learn from their errors?
  • How can a professional like Ross help you to navigate this litigious, “sue-happy” society? In other words, what are potential liability issues you may want to look out for (depending on your state)?
  • How can a professional like Ross help you capitalize on opportunities and avoid financial setbacks daily?
  • What are some tax-efficient strategies that can help you not only create new wealth but also grow your savings?
  • Why is Ross not a big fan of general advice?
  • What are the three “segments” of advisors?
  • Why is it important to tailor financial plans to the needs and circumstances surrounding specific situations?
  • What’s the problem with the other financial advising companies who offer every dentist the same five things in the same plan?
  • What does Ross means when he warns that not all disability policies are created equal?
  • What’s a “financial flossing” session?
    • S… Ross hosts a “Financial Flossing” podcast, too.
  • What makes Ross an expert when it comes to financial matters about life insurance and disability insurance? What are some of the important conversations he has with his clients about these matters?
  • What is the “one thing” we can control when it comes to money management?
  • And more!


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Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo