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Dr. William Balanoff / Smile Perfected

Recent studies predict that the teeth whitening industry will be a $7 billion plus industry by 2024. Now that’s a lot of pearly whites out there but there is a large segment that has not been tapped.

Often what I hear from patients is that the whitening that they have tried is either not effective since it is an OTC product or that they have excessive sensitivity. As a result, there is a growing segment of the population that have not been addressed in the market for teeth whitening because of these two factors.

With the proliferation of home whitening products, more and more patients use these products and then are unhappy when they don’t achieve the Hollywood white smile that they see on TV. The excuse then is that whitening doesn’t work. They don’t necessarily understand that the formulation and concentration of these whitening kits cannot compare to a professional strength whitening procedure that can be performed in the office.

Then there is the patient who had the bad experience in the office who left the office in tears since the procedure was so painful….you have all experience that, the patient who said it felt like needles poking at his/her nerves over and over again. Yikes! That is definitely not the testimony that we want from patients.

Well I think we have found the solution to these problems and it comes from Dr. William Balanoff and Smile Perfected. Dr. Balanoff has created the perfect system to address not only the patient’s needs but the needs of a dental practice.

With Smiled Perfected, the system is designed to be performed during the prophy appointment! That’s great because if the patient is already in the chair, rather that reappointing them (and risk a cancellation), the patient is already in the chair and is already motivated (by the great pep talk by your hygienist, of course) so why not do the treatment and ensure the production? It also benefits the patient in that there is one less trip that needs to be made for the procedure.

So the treatment is designed to assimilate with a prophy appointment but the other great features are that it takes only 20 minutes to complete treatment and there is hardly any sensitivity! There is minimal disruption to your practice schedule to incorporate added production to your day and then the patients will rave about the results and without that dreaded ice pick analogy!

Listen in on my conversation with Dr. Balanoff and I’m sure you’ll find that this whitening system is the one you’ve been looking for and one that your staff will love to implement!

Find out about:

  • What makes the Smile Perfected system different from other in office whitening treatment.
  • It was designed to assimilate into a prophy appointment.
  • Easy set up and quick treatment time with no sensitivity.
  • How it is a great marketing tool for your practice.

Dr. William Balanoff / Smile Perfected

Now…what about that awesome Nifty Thrifty Deal?

Dr. Balanoff has really hit out of the ballpark with THREE deals for Nifty Thrifty members!

  • Deal #1 – $100 off the Intro Kit which includes 24 patients kits AND 12 additional whitening pens that your office can sell. The Intro Kit normally sells for $997.
  • Deal #2 – Order two 12 packs, get 10% off the price. As Dr. Balanoff states, this deal has not been offered to anyone else so this is a home run of a deal!
  • Deal #3 – Order two 12 packs and if you need a 2nd light…or even a 3rd light…you will get it for FREE!

Click here to order and make sure you mention “Nifty Thrifty Dentists” to get this Nifty deal!


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B. Vo, DDS
Author: B. Vo, DDS


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