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SMS Advertising with Podium

by | Jun 27, 2021 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

SMS Advertising 101 with Podium

Can you believe how much marketing strategies for dental practices have evolved? Twenty years ago, putting up signs around town or starting up direct-mail campaigns were some of the best weapons in our marketing arsenal.

But, with the emergence of the internet, marketing has become a whole new ball game for every business—small and large. Launching intricate campaigns became just a few clicks away. The reach of advertisements could extend over town-lines at light speed. Someone living across the globe could discover your business.

It makes sense that, over the last twenty years, most dental practices have implemented a mixed bag of social media ads, Google ads, email newsletters, and more into their dental marketing campaigns.


But how effective is internet advertising?

Think about how many emails you get on a daily basis. Out of all of those emails, how many do you open? Maybe a dozen? Maybe only a few? Surely not all of them. There’s just too many! Do you think your prospects, leads, or clients are much different?

And what about the cost of running social media ads or paying for a top spot on Google search results? The internet is enormous, and it’s easy for ads to get lost under the surface. If you want to climb above the rest and get in front of people’s faces, you could end up spending a lot of money. Even then, who says they’ll become anything more than leads?

Podium, Inc. knows that technology is always changing and marketing strategies and tactics are becoming more refined. That’s why they aim to be ahead of the herd— striving to be at the forefront of all the marketing innovations and always pushing the envelope.

As a result, they’ve explored and mastered the art of SMS advertising. And, through SMS advertising, they’ve consistently invented technologies to help more than 90,000 small businesses bolster their reputation, build their brand, and more.

That’s why I sat down with Shannon Blake, Sr. Partner Manager of Podium, to discuss some of Podium’s SMS advertising technologies. I was excited to hear her introduce a few of Podium’s brand-new features that she believes can transform any dental practice.

One of Podium’s new features, Webchat, offers a lead generator tool that gives anyone who visits your website the opportunity to have a two-way conversation with your dental practice. In other words, there’s no need for a lead to sift through your landing page and get discouraged about wasting time or finding your layout difficult to navigate.

With Podium, sending any promotional event—like that Mother’s Day special for mothers to get 30% off a tooth whitening—is only a text away. But that’s not all. Once your patients leave your practice, the journey isn’t over. Shannon explained to me that Podium goes above and beyond to send each patient a follow-up text that asks them to leave a review and let any prospect know that you’re everyone’s favorite practice.


Shannon also told me that Podium even provides patients a convenient way to pay for that brand new smile they just walked out with. After an appointment, the respective patient receives a text with a link which will bring them to Podium’s payment software. And that software is all in one hub, which  dramatically speeds up an otherwise tedious and off-putting process of going through third-party services or portals.


Last but not least, what about the amount you spend for running paid social media advertisements? While social media campaigns can cost you dollars per click, Podium is only 10 cents per send with FLAT rates at 1.99% and 15 cents per transaction.


Shannon told me to beware, though: it’s illegal to send out promotional texts without an opt-in. But she was quick to assure me that Podium has at least eight different touchpoints to collect consent from customers and get their permission to be sent promotional texts. They’re meticulous about staying within legal lines, so there’s no need to worry.


Podium could be a game-changer for your dental practice. It might give it the extra kick in the butt that it needs to grow into the practice of your dreams.

Learn about:


  • Why SMS advertising can be an even better marketing platform than other internet strategies, methods, etc.
  • The new additions to Podium’s SMS advertising software.
  • What can Podium do for your dental practice?


  • $400 Amazon Gift Card if you sign up by the end of June.
  • For those who are already clients of Podium, you can get a $200 Amazon Gift Card if you add campaigns.
  • Text Shannon at 801-979-8096 or email her at [email protected] if you’re interested.


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Glenn Vo
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