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Successful Advertising in a Google World

by | May 14, 2021 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

Successful Advertising in a Google World

How many times have you performed a search for a service that you need, such as lawn service, and end up clicking on the first few that pop up on your screen? I do and rarely do I scroll to the bottom of the page and select the business that was #10 on the search. Consider that when it comes to marketing your business online. In the absence of a referral, do you think a potential patient will select you if you were on page 2 of the Google results page?

An entire industry has grown from Google searches with companies promising your business will be at the “top” of any search. Google algorithms, SEOs, hits….all those words are tossed around. Is it legit and can this business improve your search rankings?

It’s easy to type a search word in Google and expect to see a result but how does it work and how can you make Google’s algorithm work for you? Because I can guarantee you that a search for the closest dentist will not always bring up the dentist who is closest to you, geographically. 

So how is it that you may be the closest provider to a potential patient (based on geographical distance) but  Google Maps doesn’t even have you in the top 3 as closest? Yes, it’s possible to be visible yet invisible. On the internet, if you’re not listed in the top 3 when a search is made then you might as well be invisible because the chances of someone scrolling down towards the bottom of the page and deciding to call you is slim. 


I recently had an opportunity with Evan Lazarus, SEO expert extraordinaire, and he gave very informative insight into how the Google algorithms work. He gave real-life examples of what he has done for other clients and it was very impressive. As a current client of his, I can vouch for the results and wanted to let other Nifty Thrifty members know about his service.

So if you want a quick and concise understanding of Google rankings, the My Business listings, and how it all works together, then you don’t want to miss this chat! Evan will give you the easy-to-understand run down and how he can help you get to Google’s 3 pack!



Learn about: 

-How Google searches work

-Why the 3 pack should be your goal

-Successful marketing in the digital age



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Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo