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Many practice owners, like me, have only been to dental school—we never learned how to properly run a business. I know from personal experience that there’s a lot of living and learning (the hard way) before you can implement the right systems, processes, and people to give your practice that competitive edge. It takes a lot of trial and error for most before they grasp the nuances of the industry.

As most Nifty Thrifty members know by now, I love helping practice owners with the business side of things. During my transition from a mild-mannered dentist to a serial entrepreneur, I’ve successfully distinguished myself as somebody who can navigate all of that jazz pretty effectively. And one thing I’ve learned to be pivotal for any practice owner, believe it or not, is the simple task of outsourcing. In fact, I believe in it so much that I’ve created an entire outsourcing business.

Another person who knows the power of outsourcing is Brenda McNulty, Dental Group Director over at Support DDS. That’s why I sat down with Brenda to chat about her story, the importance of outsourcing, what Support DDS is all about, what they can do for Nifty Thrifty members (check out their Nifty deal!), and more.

So, let’s kick it off. First things first: what’s Brenda’s story?

Brenda has played a multitude of roles in the dental realm for over twenty years. For the last ten years, she’s been happily settled on working as a dental consultant for Support DDS. The story behind how their relationship began brilliantly showcases the influence of networking.

Early on in her career, Brenda realized that many dentists weren’t happy when they tried to delegate dental roles to employees from outsourcing agencies. The virtual team members were hard to work with, bills would constantly fluctuate, they were difficult to onboard, or worse.

Brenda found a hero in Support DDS, where she could depend on virtual team members who were more than competent. In fact, she was so happy that she began sending dental professionals their way. Eventually, they up-and-offered her a full-time job.


I’m a huge fan of Support DDS. I’ve seen them in action, from DSOs to boutique FFS practices. They can really do wonders for any dental practice—small or large.


Support DDS’s facility in Zimbabwe is a lot like an office setting in a first-world (org charts, supervisors, military-grade IT security, etc.). While every employee technically works virtually, they’re actually connected to a computer within your practice walls. If you wanted to, you could even watch their every keystroke.

Support DDS charges a flat fee, too, so don’t worry about any nickel-and-diming. You’ll get a remote team with no contractual obligations.

There’s also the impact you can make through Support DDS. You’ll be providing your virtual workers with an income that might be able to support entire families. It’s an ethical route for outsourcing. Their staff is highly educated with limited opportunities for employment in Zimbabwe, where most can’t find a way to get paid in U.S. dollars, get healthcare benefits, or commute to work. Support DDS isn’t about the money; they’re about creating jobs for underprivileged folks. They even donate 51% of their earnings! It’s a “win-win-win.”











If you’re interested, head on over to SupportDDS.com and check them out.

Learn about:
● Which tasks are slowing you down that could be outsourced to a virtual team member?
● What makes Support DDS better than the other outsourcing companies?
● What tasks can you delegate to one of Support DDSs virtual team members?
● And more!

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