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Swell CX

by | Jun 24, 2019 | Nifty Blog | 0 comments

Swell CX

Are you looking for ways to ask patients for reviews yet feel uncomfortable doing so? Often times staff do not know the best way to approach patients for reviews. What happens is that patients leave the practice without giving a positive review. Studies have shown that prospective patients
utilize the internet and online recommendations and reviews when looking for a new dentist. Practices who are not asking for reviews are missing out on
potential patients! In today’s fast paced online centric world, you can’t afford not to have an online presence.

Swell CX hopes to make this easier for dentists by offering an incredibly intuitive service for patient reviews and customer feedback! Their
service is practically automated and fits seamlessly within a dental practice. Your staff will love how easy it is and you will love how it can increase new
patient inquiries.

Listen in as I talk to Drew Sparks of Swell CX about their service and how they can help increase your online presence via patient
reviews. I personally use Swell for my practice and my online reviews have increased dramatically since then!



  • How Swell can make your patient reviews automated. No
    fumbling around finding the right time to ask for reviews!
  • Increase your online presence with authentic patient
  • New innovative features such as web chat and net promoter
    scores help you increase your patient satisfaction and let you know what areas
    may need improvement.
  • And of course, our incredible Nifty Thrifty deal…





Swell CX

So what is the Swell Nifty Thrifty Deal???

Get the entire suite of services including patient reviews, net promoter score survey, and their innovative Web Chat feature for only $199/month! It’s normally $199 for the service plus $99 for the web chat feature but for Nifty Thrifty members, $199/mo! Now that is a SWELL deal!

      • No contract
      • No set up fee
      • $199/mo for the full line up of services
      • Increase your online presence
      • Market your practice and get new patients


Visit Swell for more information about their service and how it can help increase your online presence and get you more patient reviews!


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towards running this site and our podcast.  For more information about our affiliate policy, please click this link .


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