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Switching to Cloud-Based Dental Practice Management Software

by | Dec 15, 2020 | Dental Discounts, Nifty Blog


Carestack & Darkhorse

If you use a traditional dental practice management software like Eaglesoft, now may be the time to switch to a cloud-based software like CareStack. Not only can this save you thousands of dollars in 3rd party software costs, but the switch is easy. 

According to Jim Gerson, a VP at CareStack, folks switch from traditional dental practice management software to CareStack’s all-inclusive software for three reasons: 

  1. Subscription Fatigue – On top of traditional practice management software, many of us are dishing out additional cash for in-office IT expenses, patient engagement platforms, online booking tools, business analytics, teledentistry, curbside check-in, and more. All of these features are included at no additional charge with CareStack. 
  2. Overwhelm – Most dental practice management software programs are bulky and expansive. It’s easy to get lost in them and only scratch the surface of what the complex software has to offer because it’s just too confusing or extensive. 
  3. Millennial Critiques – For many new hires, learning how to use dental practice management software can be like cracking the Da Vinci code, especially when the software resembles a far more complex version of the “archaic technology” they might have used in high school. 

Additionally, IT guru Reuben Kamp from Darkhorse Tech reports that on-premise servers are hobbling on their last limbs as cloud-based technology has become more efficient in nearly every industry. 

There are a lot of misconceptions about migrating away from a traditional platform like Eaglesoft to CareStack. Will you lose your data? The short answer is no. The longer answer is that working with your IT team, the way I do with Reuben from Darkhorse Tech, is the best and easiest way to switch software seamlessly. 

If you’re looking for a new IT partner, Darkhorse Tech already has about 150 Nifty Thrifty clients and can help with much more beyond a switch to a cloud-based dental practice management software such as CareStack. Your dental practice IT team can take care of the rest, working hand-in-hand with Carestack to take care of PCI compliance, phone system maintenance, firewall protection, camera support, and other tech-related needs.

CareStack has a tried and tested migration process. Once the software is up and running, every office gets a dedicated implementation manager to see your team through the full journey of adopting the new system. CareStack University is an unlimited role-based training resource for current and future team members. It works through bite-size lessons that require staff members to implement what they’re learning as they go. CareStack users have lifetime access to CareStack University and 

customer support that can be accessed in as little as 23-28 seconds.

Off the bat, Jim and Dan at CareStack are so confident that you’ll love their software that they’ve put together a jaw-dropping deal for us. Altogether, you can take home over $5,000 in benefits with no-long term contracts through the Nifty Thrifty Deal below. This deal is not going to last long. Check it out before it’s too late! 

Find Out About:

  • How to eliminate 3rd party software fees and subscriptions
  • The reasons people switch to cloud-based dental practice management software 
  • How CareStack and Darkhorse Tech can work hand-in-hand


Nifty Deal:

  •  Carestack- 50% off a one-time implementation fee- $600 (normally $1200)
  • First 3 months of service FREE (starting at a $1794 value)
  • Darkhorse add on- Free Darkhorse Tech service of $300/ month for 6 months, a FREE Hardware Firewall ($695 Value) for a total savings of $2595
  • Walkthrough the demo for an additional gift
  • To get this deal: Go to https://meetings.hubspot.com/carestack-dan/website-demo-request and mention Nifty Thrifty Dentists

Carestack and Darkhorse


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Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo