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The Mango Voice State of The Union Address

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

The Mango Voice State of The Union Address
This week, I had the pleasure of attending Mango Voice’s State of the Union Address. Well… not exactly, but when you talk to Kevin Tallman on Facebook live, it sure feels like one!

Kevin is the CEO of Mango, a cloud-based phone system I’ve sworn by for years. In fact, I’ve been with Mango since before Kevin joined the team, and he’s made it even better than ever. The company’s always evolving to help dentists become as efficient as possible at connecting with patients. Kevin and I spoke about some new, exciting features Mango has to offer, as well as what’s coming up the pipeline.

But before we get into the nitty gritty, I’d be selling Mango short if I didn’t talk about how amazing the team’s relationship with its clients is. Many of the features they’ve implemented today have come directly from dentists’ feedback.

In fact, there’s no competing company that’s as responsive to its users—especially on social media. If you reach out and message the team, you’re sure to get a helpful reply. When Kevin is available, he also chats with customers to help them get the most out of Mango. As the man himself says, Mango’s core DNA is made up of a desire to help people.

Mango has been busy making significant improvements to their mobile app. For one, Kevin says Mango will soon be able to bring patient info into the app. There’s also Mango’s SMS tool—a lifesaver in today’s day and age. You may be out of the office, but you can still connect with patients from home thanks to Mango’s app or softphone (I’m a big fan of this one).

Although Mango makes you more available, the software also has your back when you can’t get to the phone. Thanks to suggestions from users, Mango has implemented an auto reply SMS feature. You can set automatic messages for missed calls including anything you like, such as a link to book appointments online. This way, you’re still engaging with patients and showing you care.

To top it off, Mango can transcribe your voicemails for you. Now when you miss a call, you can discern what your patients or others need in a fraction of the time. I definitely plan on making use of this feature so I can spend more time where it matters most.

I’ve learned firsthand how useful Mango’s call logs can be. You can use the software to record calls between your patients and team members, and these recordings can be a powerful tool for improving communication in your practice. Trust me, these logs are convenient if there’s any discrepancy between what your staff and your patients express. Plus, they’re a valuable resource when it comes to coaching your team on how to interact with patients.

The Mango Voice State of The Union Address

As if this weren’t enough, Mango Voice is also rolling out new analytics you can use to improve your practice. These stats will tell you about how your office performs during vs after hours. Kevin says a lot of companies will lump that data together, which makes it harder to tell how your staff is really doing.

There’s nothing to lose when you give Mango Voice a try. The software integrates with many other technologies we depend on as dentists. Kevin believes it’s important customers don’t feel “pigeonholed” into one service—you can keep using whatever works best in your office, and bolt Mango onto that.

Once you join Mango, you’ll never look back. The team is especially generous toward practice owners who’ve just started their journeys. If that includes you, you’ll be able to use Mango for free until you open your office. This isn’t a “watered down Mango” either—you get all the features. Start-ups can also take advantage of custom pricing for their first couple years as users.

Of course, the folks at Mango have the whole community covered. If you sign up annually, you get all brand new phones (Kevin considers them the “Tesla” of phones with good reason). You’ll also get three months of service for free when you sign up.

Don’t let these deals pass you by! As someone who’s relied on Mango for years, I’m confident the team has what it takes to help your practice soar.

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