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The Patient Marketing Software You’ve Been Waiting For

by | Apr 9, 2021 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

Legwork Software

What makes the Nifty Thrifty Dentists group great is not only the great deals we get from vendors but the long-lasting relationships that we build with them. I vet each vendor to ensure that not only are we getting a high-quality product or service but that these vendors will stand behind their product.

Legwork is one of these companies. They have been one of our preferred vendors for years and not only do they offer a super useful and productive service for dentists, their co-founder, Korey Korfiatis is always active in our group. He’s been ready and willing to address any questions and issues that we may have with Legwork. Now he’s the type of vendor I try to deal with because I know he will take care of our group!

So for those who don’t know what Legwork is, it is the most powerful and intuitive patient engagement software available today! It allows you to offer patient payment options, call to text, and paperless forms among other great features.

The team at Legwork has upped the stakes by introducing the next version of Legwork – Legwork 2.0! If you thought Legwork was great, wait until you see the new features! Korey recently jumped on a call with me to discuss what’s in the new Legwork and going by this conversation, Legwork has truly set the standard for what to expect in a marketing and patient engagement software! The team started with a “flywheel” that encompasses the entire pathway that a patient would take from a potential inquiry to active patient and reactivation. Legwork obtained substantial financial backing and brought on numerous developers to create this improved Legwork that offers an all-in-one software that seamlessly integrates with major patient management software.

So what’s new for Legwork? How about robust, real-time online appointments? Yes, the feature that you see for your hairstylists and massage therapists is now available for dental offices! Most people nowadays prefer handling their business online and the ability to book an appointment is huge. Not only does this give patients the flexibility to schedule when it is convenient for them but it frees up valuable staff time! Your staff is not having to field numerous calls regarding scheduling and then going back and forth with the patient about what time works and doesn’t work. Then these appointments automatically sync with your PMS. 

→A comprehensive patient portal that lets your patient see their information, update their forms, and schedule appointments, and make payments in the comfort of their own home.

→Tired of creating your own forms online and getting the fields the right size and the alignment right? Legwork has done all the work and offers truly customizable paperless forms with drag and drop capabilities. No need to code or to create clunky PDF forms.

→Treatment Plan Opportunities with powerful filtering capabilities. You’re able to narrow down your criteria and then automate a campaign geared towards these patients.

→Online reviews – Not only can you ask for reviews but you’ll also be able to monitor them. Write and respond right from Legwork. Legwork offers all the features you would need so there’s no need for a separate review system. 

Teledentistry – a proprietary system that is HIPAA compliant and apps to talk to the doctor (android and iOS). Take notes, screenshots, record video, text feature. 

Revamped dashboard

There were just so many incredible features that will be coming out and I very excited to get my hands on it and explore the powerful features. If you’ve been looking for an enhanced patient engagement system then you’ll want to schedule a demo with Korey. He’ll show you, in detail, the new updates and will answer all your questions!


Learn about: 

-New features that make Legwork the only patient engagement platform you will ever need!

-Special pre-sale pricing that will never be cheaper!



-Pre-sale pricing of only $299/month. Lock your rate in before prices increase next year! That’s a annual savings of $5,000!

-Sign up in September and don’t pay for 30 days

-FREE website

All features will be available by the end of the year!


Legwork Software

Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo