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The Strategy for a Grand Re-opening (Part 3)



Since its launch, the patient engagement software Legwork has solved unique challenges dentists face on a regular, and even personal, basis. Legwork’s CEO Korey Korfiatis has supported Nifty Thrifty Dentists from the beginning and is currently introducing new tools that help Legwork users and other dentists get back to work without any additional costs. 

While researchers are working to tame the beast we call COVID-19, we dentists can take advantage of platforms like Legwork to boost our patient-communications and restructure our brands to suit what Korey describes as the “new persona” of patients. 

After the recent shutdowns, many of our patients are either out of work, catching up on postponed activities, or are otherwise less inclined to schedule an appointment without being prompted to do so.

To reopen successfully, Korey says we need to discover how to successfully resonate with our current patient base who will act as the “rebooter” of our practices and the emergency cases that will become our “booster.” We need to get our practices to the top of mind with patients now instead of later. Overcome objections, use alternative payment methods as a call of action for those short of cash, and demonstrate higher levels of safety. 

Communicating these changes made especially for your existing patient base through an omnichannel approach—using social media, auto-call, email, and more— helps to nurture your brand. Because of this, the type of messaging you send is very important. 

Your job as a dentist now is to alleviate the fears people have looking at the world right now. Your communications bleed out to your communities, so stay confident and positive, reassuring patients of the safety precautions already in place by putting that information front and center. 

Using the landing page on your website to communicate these precautions with your patients can also help with your search engine optimization. If you are looking to expand your clientele for emergency cases and other new patients, Korey recommends paying for a Facebook or Google Ad. 

Korey reveals that hyper-local positioning of ads is especially important because 45% of searches on Google are now done without clicking. This is likely due to maps and paid ads taking the spotlight. Of course, we can gradually grow traffic based on valuable content for the long game, but purchasing Facebook or Google advertising will be much more effective in bringing our practices into the public eye at a specific time. 

Korey and I can agree that being smart with your marketing is money well spent. Legwork’s goal is to offer the lowest cost, highest exposure, and most targeted advertisements. Right now, Korey says that our lowest hanging fruit is within Google Maps, and during COVID-19, the word “emergency” is key to drawing attention to dentists.

Whether you are a Legwork customer or not, Korey and his team are ready to help you stay afloat this summer with their reopening strategies covered in-depth in their “Navigating the Patient Journey through the COVID-19 Pandemic” video series that includes templates and resources for all. 

Under the banner of Legwork.com is a COVID-19 resource center that is free to those who enter their emails. For customers, valuable information, templates, and form builders are at the ready, with your own Legwork success manager just clicks away. 

We aren’t alone in this. With our own teams, support groups, and services like Legwork backing us up, we can come out of this pandemic stronger than ever if we continue to take initiative and take advantage of the resources already at our fingertips.

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Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo


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