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UNCOMPLICATING DENTISTRY: Reduce Dependence on Insurance with In-House Membership Plans.

by | Jan 24, 2022 | Articles, Nifty Blog | 0 comments

UNCOMPLICATING DENTISTRY: Reduce Dependence on Insurance with In-House Membership Plans.

A dentist by trade. A Family man at heart. An entrepreneur by passion.

Hey, snap out of it! I’m not talking about myself (not yet, at least).

I’m talking about none other than Dr. Brett Wells. If you don’t already know Brett, he’s the Founder and CEO of Dental HQ. He’s also one of the most amazing, generous entrepreneurial minds out there. He could have kept this great product for himself, but he’s been sharing it with about 1,000+ other dental practices!

It’s as simple as this: Brett is the real deal.

Brett has effectively achieved >2.5x practice revenue growth over the past three years. He’s a fellow dentist, after all, and his company was born from the frustrations of dealing with dental insurance… Brett founded DentalHQ to give dentists the power to connect directly with patients through in-house membership plans.

Recently, I’ve had Brian Ash on the podcast to talk about his “winding” story. And, like you and I, Brett has a “winding story” of his own. Since opening his first dental practice in Raleigh, NC, back in 2008, he’s has been off to the races for some time now.

Currently, Brett is running three group dental practices. Brett’s specialties aren’t your run-of-the-mill skillsets, which explains why he’s had no trouble standing out in a saturated industry. He’s in the business of developing hardware/software-focused systems—a plot we practice owners get pitched every day—but Brett means his word. Dental HQ doesn’t only create a better patient experience—Brett and his team go above and beyond to optimize your office operations.

UNCOMPLICATING DENTISTRY: Reduce Dependence on Insurance with In-House Membership Plans.


Brett is a winner for a reason: he’s been a star at helping practice owners like myself to attain more loyal patients, happier teams, and highly profitable practices. His team at Dental HQ has been evolving more and more every day, too.

In fact, Brett promises a very special product will be coming out at the beginning of next year. Don’t forget to watch for a sneak peek of Dental HQ and a quick walkthrough of how everything works. In other words, get an inside scoop of what’s under the hood!

And definitely don’t forget about the Nifty deal!

Learn about:

  • Why you shouldn’t be on the fence about a dental membership plan. Uncover the myths, the perks, and so on.
    • Brett wants to tell you three very specific reasons…
  • How can Dental HQ make insurance-related matters less of a headache?
    • Hint: It’s a no-brainer—whether you’re FFS or not… And it has something to do with making more money.
  • What kind of plans does Dental HQ offer? And how do you control the pricing?
  • How does Dental HQ tweak its products and services based on the advice of its clients?
  • How does Dental HQ make everything easier for dentists, team members, and patients alike?
  • How is Dental HQ especially helpful and awesome for Spanish speakers?
  • What sort of technologies is Brett innovating right now? And what can they do for your dental practice?
  • How can Dental HQ serve you and your practice on a B2B level?
  • How is Dental HQ the “first true” competition for dental insurance?
  • What’s community connect, and how does it function as a customizable coupon-code-system that allows you to take your membership plan outside of your office?
  • How does Dental HQ save you time and prevent things from falling through the cracks via automation? Why will your team appreciate their services?
  • And more!




Free 90-day trial.

Special per-member management fee pricing: $2.50 (first 100 members) / $1.75 (members 101-200) / $1 (members 201+)

This represents ~20% off on our regular management fees.






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