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United Medical Credit

United Medical Credit

Don’t you hate it when a patient is reluctant to accept treatment because they’re concerned they can’t pay for it? As dentists, we always want to provide the best care possible for our patients. But when money is tight, paying for those big cases can seem almost impossible for many patients. However, that’s where United Medical Credit comes to the rescue and provides secure financing and to help patients secure funding for their healthcare procedures. 

Many of you guys wanted to hear from two members of the team at United Medical Credit, Brownyn Droog and Marcio Prado, to find out more about their program and I’m pleased to announce that it finally happened! I got the chance to sit down for a chat with them both about how United Medical Credit can help your patient pay for those big cases. 

So, if you want to learn more about how United Medical Credit can help your patients secure the optimal financing terms for their healthcare procedures, watch our video with them below – and stay tuned to get all the info about the awesome Nifty Thrifty Deal! 

Find out about: 

  • What United Medical Credit is and how it works 
  • How United Medical Credit can help you increase case acceptance 
  • How to help patients secure funding to pay for their dental healthcare procedures 
  • How a patient can be pre-approved without it affecting their credit score 
  • The minimum, maximum and average amounts you can borrow from United Medical Credit 
  • The process of working with United Medical Credit from start to finish 

United Medical Credit

Nifty Deal Alert! 

United Medical Credit if offering Nifty Thrifty members an exceptional discounted flat free rate of 8% – that’s it! No application fee. No sign-up fee. Nothing but 8%!  

If you’re interested in this Nifty Deal and want to get more info on United Medical Credit, click here.


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Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo


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