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I recently had an opportunity to talk to Dr. Felix Liao about teeth grinding and was given some very insightful takeaways from our meeting. Dr. Liao is one of the experts on bruxism and sleep apnea in the country. He has spent over 30 years trying to understand why the body would inflict damage upon its own tissues in the form of grinding. His findings and assessment of what causes grinding has certainly changed my outlook on it.

When we have patients who complain about grinding, most likely what we will do is recommend a nightguard. We tell patients that they are wearing down their teeth or the grinding is putting stress on their jaw joints and the treatment for that is a night guard. We fit it and tell the patients to wear it every night and presto, we expect and assume that the patient’s issue has been addressed.

But have you ever thought that instead of addressing the symptoms, we need to look at the root cause of the grinding? Based on the extensive work of Dr. Dave Singh, Vivos has developed a comprehensive and effective treatment for sleep apnea through their DNA appliance. Many of the symptoms that manifest itself as bruxism can be traced backed to obstructive sleep apnea. OSA can consequently cause other health issues outside of just dental issues.

While the need for this service is undeniable, the issue has always been creating a system that made it easy for a general dentist to understand and utilize. This is where the Vivos system has been revolutionary. The dentist is not just given a quick sales pitch and some literature about it but rather becomes part of an integrated program. From a comprehensive training program to marketing support, practice training, and medical coding assistance, as a Vivo provider, you will never feel left alone to figure out this much needed service for your patients.

Listen in to this eye-opening conversation with Dr. Liao, John and Fred and you’ll want to book your trip to Orlando for their Introductory Course Sep 11-14th!

And if you find that treatment of sleep apnea would greatly benefit your patients, Vivos has a great Nifty Thrifty deal that you’ll want to hear about!

Find out about:

  • Why a night guard is not necessarily the right treatment for patients. 
  • Understanding centrally mediated vs peripherally mediated manifestations
  • The Vivos Integrated system and how it can help you introduce sleep apnea treatment to your practice.



Now…what about that awesome Nifty Thrifty Deal?

Vivos is offering a no-risk deal that is too good to pass up! Are you unsure if the Vivos system is right for your practice?

Attend the Introductory Course Sep 11-14th at the Gaylord Marriott in Orlando for $895. This includes hotel and all meals and 8 hours of CE. If at the end of the meeting, you feel that Vivos is not a treatment you want to offer, then Vivos will refund your entire registration fee! Wow!

If you love the Vivos system and are eager to implement it into your own practice, then the Nifty Thrift deal will make you even happier!

The regular price for the program is $65,000. The Nifty deal if you sign up BEFORE the end of the conference is $40,000!

To get this deal, click here and enter promo code “Nifty19” and you’ll be on your way to offering a much needed service to your patients!


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B. Vo, DDS
Author: B. Vo, DDS


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