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Why Linda Miles Endorses DIY Digital Dental Consulting

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Dental Discounts, Nifty Blog


Linda Miles

The significant and speedy benefits of Linda Miles’s in-office dental coaching has forever improved the way countless dentists run their practices. From boosting internal team dynamics to doubling case acceptance rates, dental consultants like Linda Miles have left legacies of change and success trailing behind them.

While Linda has retired from her dental consulting position, she now serves as an advisor for an online program called DIY Digital Dental Consulting. Linda and I agree that in-person dental consulting is unbeatable, but in these troubling times, the rising fees of dental consulting may be too high for some practices’ current budgets. Some folks pay up to $50,000 to $70,000 each year while working directly with a consultant. 

For a sharply lower cost, DIY Digital Dental Consulting works to bridge the gap between virtual dental consulting and on-site training. According to Linda, DIY Digital Dental Consulting is a buffet-like course with 200+ pages of content working hand-in-hand with program affiliates who guide dental teams in implementing the material. 

The program features eight key components that traditional dental coaches tackle, beginning with defining your practice’s goals and philosophy. Through the discovery phase of DIY Digital Dental Consulting, dentists can map out the future of their own practices and solidify their mission. This is combined with an anonymous team member discovery phase where employees answer questions such as “If this was my practice, what would I do differently?” Your own self-reflection and the feedback of your team/dental consultants will lay the groundwork for your continued, goal-oriented training. 

After discovery, the DIY Digital Dental Consulting program guides you through the traditional dental coaching process that can morph to your practice’s vision and needs. Whether you want to maintain a small, local dentistry with plenty of time off to spend with your family, or if you want to open a dozen practices, the DIY Digital Dental Consulting program can help you get there. Their content works to benefit the practice owner, hygienists, dental assistants, the administration team, and the patient. 

With up to 70% of all larger cases being put on hold due to the uncertainty created from the ever-changing amount of COVID-19 cases, now is the time to focus on your business instead of just in it. 

For those struggling with team dynamics, Linda Miles brought up countless nuggets of wisdom and brilliance during our talk about DIY Digital Dental Consulting. One that stuck with me was dealing with relatively new employees who don’t seem to be up for the job. You’ve tried everything your dental consultant or the DIY Digital Dental Consulting program mentioned, but there is still a struggle. What do you do? 

Linda Miles doesn’t believe in firing people. According to her, the best thing a practice owner can do when your team member just isn’t the right fit is to give them a 30 to 60-day window a weekly paid day off for job searching. Through this compassionate approach, your employee can leave on good terms without negatively impacting their standing in the job market. 

Throughout our talk, Linda and I repeatedly mentioned how vital our team members’ opinions of us really were. Our ability to hire, train, trust, and praise them is the bedrock of our business. 

Programs like DIY Digital Dental Consulting help to refresh team dynamics and boost morale as the entire team begins working toward individualized yet unified goals. 

Find out how to inspire your team to brag about your practice “chair-side” and so much more. Once you discover what success looks like for you, you can take action on an incredibly small budget, enjoying all-inclusive training and complimentary implementation help. If your budget is tight, but your hopes are high, you don’t even need to fly a top consultant out.  DIY Digital Dental Consulting is as close as your keyboard.




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Glenn Vo
Author: Glenn Vo