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Will mRNA Revolutionize Medicine?

by | Apr 14, 2021 | Articles, Trending News

Will mRNA Revolutionize Medicine?What is mRNA and How It Can Revolutionize Medicine

A molecule called mRNA has been a surprising star of covid-19 pandemic response. mRNA is the key ingredient of vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. However, the mRNA itself can revolutionize the way we used to treat various medical issues. It will occupy the medical treatment industry in the future for sure. 

To know more about it, let’s look at the information given below about what mRNA is, and it’s potential to revolutionize the medical field. 

So, here we go:

What is mRNA?

mRNA is an intermediary messenger which is known to be an essential safety mechanism within our cells. It protects your cells from invaders. It stops these invaders from hi-jacking your cellular machinery to create any foreign proteins. 

Even more, mRNA also provides a way to control the protein production rate to the cells by turning the blueprints on and off as per need. Also, the instructions of messenger RNA are meant to self-destruct. However, the structural features of messenger RNA make it comes up with a shorter half-life. All of these features combinedly make the message to be read, translated, and destroyed quickly. After the message vanishes, the protein factories inside us will stop working until these are going to get a new message. 

How Can Mrna Revolutionize The Way To Treat Medical Issues In The FutureHow can mRNA revolutionize the way to treat medical issues in the future?

The use of mRNA in the covid-19 vaccine and its tremendous success in the previous months’ clinical trials have marked a victory for an unproven yet previously used medical technology, i.e., messenger RNA. 

  • All the above-mentioned qualities of messenger RNA have made it of greater interest to the vaccine developers. 
  • The basic objective of treating medical issues like covid-19, cancer, and others is to make your immune system work against a harmless version or a part of a certain germ. 
  • So, when you get the problem in real-time, you must be ready to fight the problem. 

However, the authorized vaccine of covid-19 by the US Food and Drug Administration is relying on the mRNA, which is known for its genetic instructions transfer. mRNA is prompting the cell to produce the proteins for SARS-CoV-2. This will then train the immune system to recognize and fight off the virus with ease. 

Besides treating covid-19, vaccine developers are seeing the potential of mRNA in treating various other medical conditions as well. Some of these medical issues for which mRNA is being considered a lucrative technology are including:

  1. Cancer 
  2. Liver diseases 
  3. Cardiovascular diseases 
  4. Infectious and even rejuvenation diseases as well. 

Overall, it seems that mRNA is all set to revolutionize the future of vaccines and treatment for various common medical conditions. This technology is being used to train the immune system against certain problems. 

So, it can react in real-time and more effectively when that certain medical condition affects the body. Overall, mRNA treatment technology has the potential to go longer in the medical field with more successful results.

B. Vo, DDS
Author: B. Vo, DDS