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Dr. Anissa Holmes & the WOW CHALLENGE

Dr. Anissa Holmes & the WOW CHALLENGE

Do you want more growth for your practice yet are not sure how to do it? Seen ads for those practice marketing firms but wasn’t sure if it was worth the thousands of dollars to hire? It’s hard to pay thousands of dollars when your monthly collections barely cover the practice expenses.

Well, wonder no more because Dr. Anissa Holmes, of Delivering WOW, has issued a Delivering WOW Challenge and it is guaranteed to grow your practice in just three weeks! Learn from one of the dental marketing geniuses of today and grow your practice while joining in the camaraderie of fellow practice owners who are eager to learn and to share in each other’s progress!

During this challenge, you will learn marketing and earn badges along the way. You’ll get a chance to win many prizes ranging from swag, tickets to live events, to the grand prize of a 12-month Platinum and Mastermind Coaching Program worth $12,000! Now that is WOW!

Learn about whiteboards and how to use them effectively to start growing the practice of your dreams and of course, you won’t be alone. Dr. Holmes will help guide you and other fellow practice owners will be online to help cheer each other on. We all want to grow our practices to help our patients by providing quality dentistry but also to provide a comfortable future for our families!

Now how much does it cost to join this WOW Challenge? Just $47!!!

It is a once in a lifetime challenge that you should take – don’t spend thousands of dollars on marketing, wondering how you’re going to pay for it. It’s $47 to join the challenge with thousands of other dentists and it’s the best $47 you will ever spend!

But wait…the Nifty Thrifty way is always to get a deal and so here it is – get an ADDITIONAL 20% off the already low fee of $47 to join this challenge. Join us with your fellow colleagues and grow your practice to unbelievable heights!

Register at www.deliveringwowchallenge.com and use code “NIFTYTHRIFTYCHALLENGE” and you’ll only pay $37.60! It will be the best $37.60 you could ever spend on your practice.

Don’t wait because the challenge kicks off on Monday, July 15th and the registration closes this Sunday, July 14th!  Don’t let your practice’s growth and your future prosperity pass you by!

What have you got to lose? Your investment is less than $40 but you will have so much to gain by participating in this awesome Marketing and Practice Growth Challenge! See you during the WOW Challenge!

Find out about:

  • Whiteboards and how to use them effectively.
  • Social media marketing without the high costs.
  • WOW Challenge and how 3 weeks can change your practice and your life!
  • Join the challenge for less than what you spend for coffee each month and have fun with your colleagues!
  • Creating and growing a practice to support your dreams for you and your family.

Dr. Anissa Holmes & the WOW CHALLENGE


And of course, there is a Nifty Thrifty Deal that makes this one of of the niftiest deals ever!

  • Use code “NIFTYTHRIFTYCHALLENGE” and get 20% off the all ready low price of $47 to join this challenge!
  • Register here.
  • Go out and have fun, learn, and grow the practice of your dreams!


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B. Vo, DDS
Author: B. Vo, DDS


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